Are you motivated, determined and passionate about the projects you take on? Cascades is looking for candidates like you! We’re always on the hunt for new talent to ensure succession, and our doors are open wide to students and recent graduates.


Did you know that in 2017, more than 140 interns had the opportunity to get their first work experience at Cascades? We offer students stimulating challenges specially designed for curious minds.

In the thick of the action, our interns:

  • carry out various projects that cover different facets of their field of study;
  • are supervised by experienced employees;
  • make use of their own judgement and take initiative;
  • work in teams;
  • really contribute to the company’s success;
  • see the impact of their accomplishments.

Once they have graduated, our interns often pursue their adventure longer than the anticipated: we give priority to hiring interns to be part of our succession teams.

To apply for an internship, you may directly post your candidacy on our postings at your school or consult our internships open positions. We have partnerships with different schools such as the Université de Sherbrooke and the Université Laval.

Who knows, maybe you’ll be our next intern!


Join the Cascades Succession Team and help us reach new heights! Every year, we hire new graduates to be part of our Succession Team program developing them to become future managers in different fields of expertise such as sales, engineering, human resources and finance and accounting.

You will be paired with a mentor and also receive support from the various teams you work with. Knowledge sharing, support, listening and feedback will help you learn the ropes at Cascades.

Want to join the Cascades Team?