Life At Cascades

Cascades offers you a stimulating career in a dynamic work environment. Learn more about the organization and join our team!

Who are we?

Founded in 1964, Cascades offers sustainable, innovative and value-added packaging, hygiene and recovery solutions. The company employs 10,000 women and men across a network of nearly 70 facilities across North America. Driven by its participative management, half a century of experience in recycling, and continuous research and development efforts, Cascades continues to provide innovative products that customers have come to rely on, while contributing to the well-being of people, communities and the entire planet. 

A company with a human touch and engaging work environment

The camaraderie enjoyed by employees is an integral part of life at Cascades, and the company fosters this positive mindset through numerous events. The sense of belonging and team spirit of Cascades employees are legendary, and we believe that the opportunities we offer for sharing experiences both inside and outside of work play a major role in this.

Our Values

At Cascades, our core values, shared by the great family of Cascadeurs and lived on a daily basis, make us a source of possibilities.

Naturally Respectful | Respect Is Earned, Humility Is in our DNA.

Stronger Together | We Are as Strong as We Are United.

Fierce Determination | Determined to Push the Limits.

Speak Truthfully | Open Minds, Open Doors.

Career opportunities that measure up to your ambitions

Cascades offers a customized development plan to help you fulfil your professional ambitions. This plan defines your career goals in relation to the company’s objectives and monitors them on a regular basis. In addition to taking on more responsibility and gaining experience in increasingly senior positions, you will often have the chance to broaden your skills by working on projects in other areas of expertise, based on your interests. Our operational units are located across North America, which means that your career path can lead to travel and living opportunities in various regions in Canada and the United States!