Cascades aims to enhance its employees’ quality of life, which is why it offers a competitive and comprehensive benefits and compensation package.

This includes:

  • a group insurance plan
  • a pension plan
  • a stock purchase plan*
  • contributions toward the purchase of Cascades-branded apparel
  • a personal computer purchase program
  • participation in sports activities

* Some benefits may vary by unit


The valuable time and effort employees devote to our business never goes unnoticed. Based on regular performance evaluations, employees receive fair compensation and are encouraged to take initiative and develop their skills.


We encourage employees to continue learning and honing their skills by offering a full range of training opportunities through the Alain-Lemaire Skills Development Centre. We also offer financial assistance for continuing education.


Sharing is important to us, and not just sharing information or common interests, but sharing profits too. Since every employee is directly involved in driving the company’s success, Cascades gives back a portion of its profits to employees each year, based on the units’ performance.


When you work at Cascades, you have the option of joining the stock purchase plan and contributing up to 5% of your salary to become a shareholder. In turn, Cascades contributes the equivalent of up to 25%! How could you resist!

The program is Cascades’ way of helping employees get a better return on their investments and on their RRSPs.


Our employees in Kingsey Falls, the birthplace of the company, have additional benefits such as access to a gym and equipment and tool loaners. Those who live in Kingsey Falls are also entitled to a refund of their municipal taxes.